Critical Business Intelligence

Pozières Consulting specialises in providing critical qualitative business intelligence to clients operating in emerging and conflict regions. Quantitative political and security risk assessments only reveal part of the picture for businesses. In emerging markets, political developments often happen quickly and clandestinely, therefore it is imperative to have timely qualitative business intelligence to enable agile responsiveness.

Our research and assessments are supported by a network of in-country analysts, who have lived and worked in the regions they cover, who speak local languages and who cultivate extensive local contacts. Unlike many political risk firms, at Pozières Consulting we believe that high quality confidential qualitative business intelligence is the most important element of any Political Risk Management system. Whether it is identifying local graft or corruption risks, trade union agitation, stakeholder scanning, coup risks or trust building with local communities, on-the-ground business critical intelligence is vital to managing risk and identifying opportunity.

We work with clients who often have a significant and discernible operational presence in difficult jurisdictions. We work with these clients to develop strategies and practices that mitigate the exposure of their assets and staff to political and security risks. We review and identify areas where adroit buffers can be created between clients, their staff and the service provider. We can for example recommend and undertake specific strategies such as using an agent for hiring, using a locally registered company to make local purchases, employing locals within the procurement process, paying in local currencies and numerous other obfuscating strategies. We can embed these strategies into a client’s Corporate Responsibility Manifesto and Enterprise Risk Management frameworks.

When conducting qualitative political and security risk assessments, our analysts emphasize discretion and anonymity in every element of our work to ensure that the privacy of our clients is always maintained.

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