Pozières Consulting Inc.

Political risk advisory specialists

Pozières Consulting Inc is a Political Risk Advisory firm, providing bespoke analysis and business intelligence through our worldwide network of analysts and sources. Utilising a combination of in-depth thematic research, innovative analytic tools and tailored business intelligence gathering, we work with clients to identify, analyse and contextualise strategic political risks and turn them into tangible, actionable business insights.

We create a framework for our clients to successfully navigate through the turbulent confluence of business and politics.

Lighthizer tipped as Trump Treasury Secretary

Robert Lighthizer, prominent trade lawyer and the former U.S. Trade Representative under President Donald Trump, has emerged as a potential candidate for the next...

Trump’s Proposed Tariffs Could Weaken the U.S. Dollar

The proposed tariffs by former President Donald Trump have sparked significant debate regarding their potential impact on the U.S. economy and the strength of...

Financial Repression of Last Resort

Last week I published an email to clients which made the central point that inflation has a reflexive political component to it which creates...