Political Risk is becoming an ever increasingly important feature of corporate Enterprise Risk Management systems as global economic integration increases. As markets and businesses become more global, interdependent and interconnected, the turbulence, disruptions and uncertainty of faraway countries are beginning to have direct impacts on businesses everywhere. Global volatility is increasing as governments become more interventionist, non-state actors become more influential and as traditional geo-political power structures shift towards a multi-polar international system. These shifts will have profound and direct impacts on business and market outcomes.

At Pozières Consulting, we work with clients to identify, analyse and contextualise these strategic political risks and turn them into tangible, actionable business insights. We utilise a combination of in-depth thematic research, innovative analytic tools and tailored business intelligence gathering to provide a bespoke service to clients. Sitting at the apex of politics and business, we cut through the esoteric language of geo-politics to ensure that our insights are translated into a meaningful and functional format that can inform real business decisions and investment methodologies.

Political Risk Assessments

Our team of analysts can assist clients to address particularly challenging jurisdictions and situations by conducting in depth Political Risk Assessments that cover areas such as:

  • Expropriation or nationalization of assets
  • Import/Export licensing regulation or embargoes
  • Stakeholder Scanning
  • Supply Chain Management Risk
  • Currency Convertibility Risk
  • Country Risk indicators
  • Political violence risk
  • Political Risk Insurance assessments
  • Terrorism Risk assessments
  • Succession/Coups and government changes/instability

From our assessments, we can provide tailored, client-specific reports that assess the political, economic and security risks associated with a business venture or investment and work with clients to mitigate those risks.

We can also assist clients in integrating political risk considerations into their existing Enterprise Risk Management framework in order to allow them to continuously monitor, adjust and disseminate timely political risk information across the business and inform strategic decision-making in real time.

For more information, or a confidential consultation, contact our team at Pozières Consulting Inc.