At Pozières Consulting we aim to provide our clients with the critical insights required to make informed real-world business decisions. In an increasingly globalised world, politics matters at least as much as economics to market outcomes and it is therefore imperative that business leaders understand geo-politics in the context of business and economics. To assist our clients in making sense of the ever changing geo-political landscape and the complex interconnected relationships between business and politics we publish a wide range of insights and analysis.

We routinely release Situation Reports from our analysts on the ground, providing insight and context to fast moving events and trends in specific markets or regions.

Our Special Reports are an excellent resource for clients looking to better understand political risk and how political risk can affect their own businesses and investments both positively and negatively.

Our Case Studies section provides examples of real-world cases where our political risk insights have been used to inform our clients investments and business decisions.

Our Articles section allows our clients to keep up to date on the latest geo-political events and gain valuable insights from our analysts around the world.

Latest Articles

Financial Repression of Last Resort

Last week I published an email to clients which made the central point that inflation has a reflexive political component to it which creates incentives for politicians push back against fiscal expansions. I added that we were likely to see an increase in ‘deficit hawk politics’ in the US following the midterm elections. This morning I want to expand a... [ more ]

The ‘Shift to Fiscal’

<Extract from our weekly email to Clients>   The ‘shift to fiscal’ – we’ve all heard the argument, in fact, many of you have made it to me over the last year or so – and it tends to go a little something like this: “the world has changed post-covid, politicians have learnt that deficits don’t matter, from now on... [ more ]

A snapshot of political risk in Central Asia

An earlier Pozières Consulting article highlighted that the Belt and Road Initiative’s (BRI) country-specific and regional risks are being overlooked. These included disputes over borders, land and water. The Fergana Valley in Central Asia provides a snapshot of these specific political risks surrounding the BRI. Intersected by Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, the Fergana Valley is a historic crossroads of trade... [ more ]

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