At Pozières Consulting we aim to provide our clients with the critical insights required to make informed real-world business decisions. In an increasingly globalised world, politics matters at least as much as economics to market outcomes and it is therefore imperative that business leaders understand geo-politics in the context of business and economics. To assist our clients in making sense of the ever changing geo-political landscape and the complex interconnected relationships between business and politics we publish a wide range of insights and analysis.

We routinely release Situation Reports from our analysts on the ground, providing insight and context to fast moving events and trends in specific markets or regions.

Our Special Reports are an excellent resource for clients looking to better understand political risk and how political risk can affect their own businesses and investments both positively and negatively.

Our Case Studies section provides examples of real-world cases where our political risk insights have been used to inform our clients investments and business decisions.

Our Articles section allows our clients to keep up to date on the latest geo-political events and gain valuable insights from our analysts around the world.

Latest Articles

China’s ‘Debt Diplomacy’ already fraying in Sri Lanka

It’s been a difficult week for China as leaders from the Asia Pacific region gathered in Port Moresby for the APEC summit. A war of words between Vice-President Mike Pence and President Xi Jinping dominated the summit as Pence took aim at China for what he called “debt diplomacy. Pence warned APEC leaders not to swap sovereignty for investment and... [ more ]

China in two minds over Trade War

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight” – Sun Tzu   “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” – Helmuth von Moltke   It has become increasingly clear that the Chinese leadership has been caught off guard by the erratic trade policies of the Trump administration. Beijing’s recent refusal to sit down for continued... [ more ]

One Belt One Road – The Looming Political Risk

China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative will be the greatest infrastructure investment project of our time – or something along those lines. This has become the standard mantra in investing and media circles and can be heard almost as often as the deflected answer to any Bitcoin related question – “Blockchain a revolutionary technology”. We often hear that OBOR... [ more ]

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