Crisis Management

Pozières Consulting provides both proactive and reactive crisis and disaster management support to clients. Whether it is stress-testing an organisations preparedness for a crisis or providing on-the-ground emergency assistance, Pozières Consulting can help.

How rapidly and effectively an organisation responds to a crisis is critical to business continuity and can be the difference between surviving and perishing.

To provide clients with proactive crisis and disaster management support we assess the current exposures of organisations to crisis and disaster risk and stress-test the robustness and effectiveness of existing capacities, systems and processes. From this we design and develop a robust crisis and disaster risk reduction framework as part of a wider Business Continuity Plan.

We can produce organisation-specific crisis and disaster risk reduction/management plans for a range of events including medical emergencies, country evacuation, kidnapping, extortion, piracy, natural or man-made disaster and terrorist attacks.

Pozières Consulting can work closely with a number of NGO’s to exploit our local networks, knowledge and resources during a disaster or crisis event. We have been involved in numerous disaster assistance projects around the world and continue to be committed to using the resources at our disposal to help those in need.

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