Vietnam Search Fund

Vietnam Search Fund with Pozières Capital Management

Pozières Consulting is working with Pozières Capital Management in the launch of a venture-backed Search Fund in Vietnam. As one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Vietnam is fast becoming the hub for innovative start-ups in South East Asia.

Pozières Consulting is seeking alumni and ambitious recent MBA graduates who are interested in a fast-track route to running a business in one of the world’s most dynamic markets. This opportunity allows exceptional candidates of the highest caliber to have the opportunity to lead a company from our diversified business pool of industries and market capitalization investments with the support and guidance of a team of experienced entrepreneurs as mentors.  Selected candidates will instantly be able to apply their experiences, studies and skills in being a CEO/Country Manager in fast tracked business and market.

The type of companies that will be acquired by our search fund will be in early stages of development with aggressive strategic growth expectations that are poised and aimed to outperform industry benchmarks.  Typical targeted investments within the Vietnam Search Fund are valued in the range of US$1 to US$5 million.

We can offer the right candidates:

  • A choice of potential start-up’s in a variety of industries that have been vetted and approved for investment by our fund;
  • Range of compensation packages:
    • Median yearly salary of USD$50,000;
    • Performance driven bonus
    • Equity stake in the potential business;
  • Working Visa & bank account arranged;
  • Accommodation arranged;
  • Mentoring & guidance;
  • Market specific information;
  • Language support;
  • International experience;
  • Network building.


If applying your skills and knowledge as a CEO in a fast-paced dynamic environment sounds more exciting than an unpaid internship spent at a photocopier then this might be for you.


For more information on Search Funds, visit the Stanford University Search Fund Research site.


For inquiries and to register your interest, Email Thanh Tran, Head of Client Services at recruitment[at]


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